Ty Dolla Sign Says His Project With Kanye West Is in the Final Stages

Ty: "They left to Africa. though, so I’m doing my parts now. And then when we get back together, we’ll finish it.”

Ty Dolla Sign says his upcoming Kanye-assisted project is almost done.

The Beach House artist provided the update during a recent Instagram Live session, stating he and ‘Ye would complete the effort once he returned from Africa

“The album is coming, I’m almost done with it now. Just putting the last final touches on it,” Ty told his followers. “Me and Kanye making it together. They left to Africa though, so... I’m doing my parts now, and then when we get back together we’ll finish it.”

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The details of the project have not been revealed; however, Kanye said he was open to a full-fledged joint album earlier this year.

“Oh, man. It’s so crazy. That's one of the best combinations ever,” Kanye said. “I'm just trying to go week after week after week and just improve on the craft. Ty is one of the strongest artists that we have living and anything I can do to support, get around, produce, take my hands, chop up, everything! I'm with it.”

The artists have joined forces many times before. They previously linked up on records like “The Summer League,” “Real Friends,” “Fade,” and “Wouldn’t Leave.”

Kanye and Ty are both gearing up to release their respective projects, Yandhi and MihTy; the former is expected to drop Nov. 23; while the latter, a joint effort with Jeremih, will arrive Oct. 26.

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