Watch Ty Dolla Sign and J. Cole's New Video for "Purple Emoji"

Ty Dolla Sign's latest video is directed by Olivia Rose.

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Ty Dolla Sign and J. Cole have released the official video for "Purple Emoji."

Directed by Olivia Rose, it strays from the typical rap video elements and instead focuses on a diverse group of couples living in Brooklyn. We see shots of Ty Dolla and Cole standing in front of blue and pink backdrops, as they stare into the camera and deliver their lines.

"'Purple Emoji' instantly connected with me on an authentic level; it’s so amazing to hear that sort of vulnerability from artists who are talking about their day ones and a love that we can all relate to," Rose said in a press release. "I wanted to stay true to the lyrics and create a video that showed real couples, real friends, real siblings and the tiniest of actions of intimacy they share. I think the outcome is a video that can resonate with all people from all walks of life and is representative of the full spectrum of love.”

Ty Dolla previously told Beats 1's Zane Lowe about how the track with Cole came together. "I was at this studio called Jungle City in New York working on Yandhi with Kanye. I just took over the top room I had a whole whole separate room he had the bottom floors. And then just turns out Cole was in the room right next to me," he recalled. "When I saw him I was like, 'Bro, I got something to play you' and he's like 'I got something to play to you' so I went to his studio and heard everything he was working on and then I'm like 'Yo, I just did this one I thought would be crazy for both of us.' So he came in my room, I played it for him immediately, and he did his verse in five minutes."

Check out the "Purple Emoji" video above.

The track serves as the lead single off Ty's much-anticipated third studio album.

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