Remy Ma Released Another Nicki Minaj Diss Track and Twitter Blew Up

Twitter had a lot to say about Remy Ma's new track "Another One."

Remy Ma attends The Build Series to discuss 'Plata o Plomo'

Remy Ma attends The Build Series to discuss 'Plata o Plomo'

Remy Ma attends The Build Series to discuss 'Plata o Plomo'

Remy Ma reloaded.

Days after dropping her Nicki Minaj diss track “shETHER,” Remy took more shots at the Pinkprint rapper on “Another One.”

“Already took a L, now you got another one/I secure the bag, now I got another one/I caught the W, now I got another one," Remy rapped. "[...] Heard you callin' everyone/Not callin' back, 'cause I got another one/Heard you was kiddin', sayin' I ain't havin' none/But that's okay baby, 'cause now you my son."

Clearily, the Bronx rapper got too tired waiting for Nicki’s response. 

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The follow-up wasn’t necessarily surprising, as there were already rumors that Remy had another diss track up her sleeve; however, this new cut definitely had social media torn. Some thought Remy KO’d Nicki with the new track, while others were disappointed with the bars. Some even thought “Another One” was flat out unnecessary. 

You can check out some of the Twitter responses below. 

All this @NICKIMINAJ rise above ish gotta go. Nah bih. You need to respond or just sing from now on #anotherone Lawd @RealRemyMa

— Pepper Love (@PepperLoveStone) March 3, 2017

#AnotherOne is not necessary but it's letting us know she has receipts. I would like to see them

— Bri (@theebri1) March 3, 2017

Drake was such a legend with his 2 diss tracks, Remy does it and she's "bored, wants attention, being a bullly" 🙄

— Jadie✨ (@TheNastyPastor) March 3, 2017

Hot97 just played Remy Ma new diss and Nicki is dead .

— Tommy Trévair • (@TommyNooHill) March 3, 2017

Flex wins, people really tuned into to hear Remy Ma diss Minaj, Incredible.

— . (@oldjma) March 3, 2017


— QUEEN BBW (@Queen_bbw_6969) March 3, 2017


— - (@Surejaan_) March 3, 2017

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