Tr3yway Artist Denounces Label, Releases Shotti Diss Track

Alshawn Martin has got some words for the Tr3yway boss.

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Alshawn Martin is letting the world know he is no longer repping the Tr3yway crew.

On Saturday afternoon, the South Central rapper released a hard-hitting diss track titled "Call From Shotti," in which he accuses the Tr3yway boss of being a hater, a phony, and a bag-stopper. 

"How you claimin' you a Blood and want the world to respect you?/When you came to L.A. and pay me to protect you," Alshwan spits. "[...] Pay what you owe me, motherf**ka/It's gonna take more than callin' your lawyer, motherf**ka/Look at where you at for being disloyal, motherf**ka/In a cell, cold as hell, bendin' over, motherf**ka."

You can listen to the track via YouTube above.

Shotti and 6ix9ine are among a group of suspected Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods members, who were arrested back in November on federal racketeering charges. Alshawn accused Shotti of trying to hinder his career by removing his music from major streaming platforms. The rapper made the allegations on social media this week when he confirmed he had cut ties with Tr3yway Entertainment and started his own imprint called Gubano. Alshawn also announced he was selling his iced-out Tr3yway necklace to the highest bidder.


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