Towkio's Debut Studio Album 'WWW.' Is Here

With appearances by Vic Mensa, Teddy Jackson, Njomza, and more.

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Towkio went all out for the release of his debut studio album.

Just one day before WWW. officially hit streaming services, the Chicago rapper premiered the project from 100,000 feet above ground. It was a unique stunt that required Towkio to take a helium balloon into the sky, where he listened to the album through a speaker before taking a parachute back to earth.

The rapper documented the event through a series of Instagram videos. 

Towkio spoke about the WWW. “drop” in a recent interview with DJ Booth. He provided details on how the promotional stunt would go down and how it reflected the overall message of the album.

“The project is a concept, it’s the Overview Effect. It’s the looking back at the earth. It happens to astronauts when they leave the earth and they break the plane, it’s an out-of-body experience,” he explained. “They look back and see how precious it is because your life on Earth only exists on Earth. So all of the bullshit you deal with on a day-to-day basis, it instantly goes out the window when you leave the plane and you’re looking at the earth.”

He continued: “This is a feeling every human needs to understand, and then we’d be able to advance. We wouldn’t be worried about Black or White or race or rich or poor, it would be more like one human race that exists on this beautiful planet. So the message is bigger than any language. It resonates with the truth for human consciousness.”

WWW. is a 13-track project that includes the previously released records “Drift,” “Swim,” “Hot Shit,” “Symphony” with Teddy Jackson, as well as “2 Da Moon” featuring Jackson and Grace Weber. Additional guests include SZA and Vic Mensa.

You can purchase the album now on iTunes or stream it on Spotify below.

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