Towkio will be flying high when he releases his debut album this week. Like, literally flying high.

During a performance, the Chicago rapper told fans that he would deliver his long-awaited WWW project while floating 100,000 feet above ground. It’s a fitting stunt, as the album was reportedly inspired by the Overview Effect—a term used to describe the transformative experience astronauts have when viewing the earth from afar.

“The project is a concept, it’s the Overview Effect […] it’s an out-of-body experience. They look back and see how precious it is because your life on Earth only exists on Earth,” Towkio told DJ Booth. “So all of the bullshit you deal with on a day-to-day basis, it instantly goes out the window when you leave the plane and you’re looking at the earth.”

Towkio claimed he will head towards space in a helium balloon and will drop WWW at exactly 11:11 a.m. CT on Wednesday. He said he was working with an unnamed company to get him into the air, and that he’s conducted enough research about how the whole stunt will go down, so much so that he isn't afraid. 

“I’ve already seen it done. Like I said, I’m not scared. It’s gonna be the day the album drops. If I die… God forbid, I’m not gonna die,” he said. “I know he’s protecting me. I see 11:11 every single day. It’s under my spell and under my power that this all will happen. Worst comes to worst, I’ll die the only way I would want to die. I’m not gonna die, though.”

WWW is scheduled to officially drop this Friday. The 13-track project will include the previously released records “Hot Shit,” “Swim,” “Drift,” “Symphony” with Teddy Jackson, and “2 Da Moon” featuring Teddy Jackson and Grace Weber.

Stay tuned as more information about the album's space release becomes available.