Tory Lanez on His Rap Battle Against Joyner Lucas: "It's Done"

Lanez declared himself the winner during a Friday night performance in Toronto.

Tory Lanez

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Tory Lanez

The lyrical war between Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas has come to a standstill. Why? Well, because Lanez is convinced he's already won.

The Love Me Now?artist declared himself the victor during a Friday night performance at Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre, where he offered a moment of silence for Joyner's career.

"That Joyner Lucas kid: I want to offer this moment right now to give him a good moment of silence. Rest in peace because today his career is over," he said before pouring one out. "Joyner Lucas, we killed you. It's done."

It seems the Ontario native was feeling extra confident last night, as he also challenged other U.S. rappers to a battle.

"I want Toronto to know that any of these f***kin' American n***as that think they gon' step on us [...] let them n***as know we acceptin' all fades, all battles, all everything," he told the crowd."

You can check out his comments below. 

This somewhat random beef began about a week ago after Lanez claimed Joyner was not on his level. The statement prompted Joyner to challenge Lanez to a rapper battle, which Lanez quickly accepted. Over the course of several days, the artists unleashed a series of diss records, the latest of which was Joyner's "Zeze Freestyle." Though Lanez didn't unleash a subsequent track, he did share his thoughts about "Zeze Freestyle" during an Instagram Live session. He didn't think the cut was worthy of a response.

"I just want to hand you this fat a** L that you have taken today, Lucas Joyner. You've taken a fat a** L today," Lanez said after in the broadcast. "[...] I dissed your pops music career; I said he had a failed music career that he gave to his son; I came for your personal life; I came for your city; I came for a lot of things, my n***a. You came back with things that weren't facts."

Days after "Zeze Freestyle" dropped, Lanez explained to DJ Akademiks why he hasn't fired back.

"So if I bodied this n***a on the f**kin' 'Litty Again' freestyle, and then he puts another freestyle out that can't fuck with one that I just bodied him on, what does that tell you Ak?" Lanez asked.

Akademiks insisted Lanez had to respond over the "Zeze" beat. Lanez finally agreed: "Alright, I'll put the nail in the casket for you."

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