Steven Victor on Production for Pusha-T's Next Album: 'Half Kanye, Half Pharrell'

Victor, the chief operating officer at G.O.O.D MUSIC, provided the update during a Friday night Q&A session on Complex Music's Instagram stories.

Pusha T and Steven Victor smile side by side at Dior event

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Pusha T and Steven Victor smile side by side at Dior event

Steven Victor provided a brief, but promising update on Pusha-T’s long-awaited studio album.

The music executive was asked about the project during a Friday night Q&A session hosted on Complex Music’s Instagram. Victor kept album details to a minimum, but reassured fans that the team was making great progress.

“Pusha’s album is coming along fantastic,” he said before touching on the production. “Half Kanye, half Pharrell.” If Pusha’s repost of the clip is any indication of its verity, then it looks like fans really are in for a Yeezy and Pharrell hybrid gem. 

On our new Instagram Q&A, @StevenVictor says the next @PUSHA_T album will be produced by (50%) @kanyewest and (50%) @Pharrell

Watch the full Q&A here:

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) March 6, 2021

The answer confirmed Pusha’s previous comments about the follow-up to 2018’s Daytona. The rapper appeared on an Instagram Live session alongside Victor, who is also his manager and the Chief Operating Officer at G.O.O.D MUSIC. At one point during the stream, Victor asked Pusha which artists will appear on the project. The rapper said he hadn’t secured any features at that time, but went on to say that the album would be produced by ‘Ye and the Neptunes.

“That’s it. That’s it,” he said about the confirmed producers. “… You know I bring the best. I bring the best out of everybody.”

It’s still unclear when Pusha’s fourth album will arrive.

Take a look below to see other highlights from Friday night’s Q&A with Victor.

What’s one thing you learned from working with Kanye?
“Never take ‘no’ for an answer, always give it your all, and nothing comes before the creativity. Always do what’s best for the music.

Did you ever play basketball with Pop Smoke? How good was he?
“Yeah, Pop was really good. Part of the reason why he’s in the movie [Boogie] is because I reached out to Ralph and Eddie and told them how good of a basketball player he was and that he should have a role in the movie.”

Is there any unreleased Pop Smoke music?

How did you meet Pop Smoke?
“I met Pop Smoke through his manager, Rico Beats.”

Any Pop Smoke music after the [Boogie] soundtrack?
“Yes— Rico Beats. ‘@‘ Rico Beats. Rico Beats has the answer. Rico Beats. ‘@‘ Rico Beats.”

How do you discover new artists?
“Through social media, through friends. However, I don’t discriminate. I listen to artists, to music, however I can get it.”

What do you like for in an artist?
“Talent, obviously, but someone who is true to themselves, true to their art, someone who knows what they want, and someone who works hard. You can’t escape the hard work no matter how talented you are.”

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