Southside Comes to Yung Miami's Defense; Threatens to 'Beat' Hazel-E and Joseline Hernandez

The threats were issued after Hazel dropped the City Girls diss track "Add It Up."

Southside and Yung Miami

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Southside and Yung Miami

Southside has injected himself into the City Girls vs. Hazel-E and Joseline Hernandez drama.

First, a little bit of background: Hazel recently took aim at the City Girls in a two-minute diss track called "Add It Up." The song reiterated her claims that the Quality Control duo—consisting of Yung Miami and JT—ripped off her 2017 record "Actin' Up." 

"Cum-guzzlin' little hoes, yeah, y'all could swallow a liter/Copy my brand, you bitches just follow the teacher," the Love & Hip Hop star raps. "Caresha (Yung Miami), you got a problem, now you need a feature/Heifer little girls are somewhere sittin' in the bleachers."

The track resulted in a heated online exchange between Yung Miami, Hazel, and Hernandez, who expressed her support for Hazel on Instagram. Insults, challenges, and threats were thrown among the women. But just when you thought things couldn't get any uglier, Southside decided to come to Yung Miami's defense in a nasty Instagram Live broadcast.

"Hazel, you look like the man that you is. I promise you I’mma knock you out on everything I love," said Southside, who is dating Yung Miami. "I’mma beat both y’all hoes on everything when I catch y’all. Hazel you better be with this shit, ’cause I fight hoes and I promise y’all hoes I’mma beat both y’all [...]"

Hazel responded to Southside in a since-deleted comment, claiming he had offered her a "weak apology."

"Yo does this n***a have hearts tattooed under his?" she wrote. "[...] No wonder he tryna beat up women. You can keep that weak ass apology you just did…you calling me a man is not making you look any cuter sis!"

Southside denied ever issuing an apology:

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