Hazel-E is taking another swing at the City Girls.

On Tuesday night, the Love & Hip Hop star took aim at Yung Miami and JT in a diss track dubbed "Add It Up," in which she accused the Quality Control duo of biting her style.

"Copy my brand, bitch y'all just the teacher/Caresha (Yung Miami) you gotta problem, now you need a feature," she raps. "[...] No cameras, no flashes, no applause/She's Joanne, the real scammer, all fraud/Career's at a standstill, the light's gettin' dark/Now you got more time to take your son to the park."

After Hazel announced the joint via Instagram, her follow Love & Hip Hop star Joseline Hernandez left the following supportive comment: "Go offf b*tchh"

Yung Miami responded to both Hazel and Joseline in a threatening, accusatory Instagram post.

"On my son, I will beat either one of you hoes to death," she wrote in the since-deleted message. "Just 'cause bitches throw drinks and pull hair across tables on TV don't do shit to me! [...] Hazel you wish you was signed to QC. Nobody know you or your music ... what checks you signing?"

Joseline and Yung Miami then took direct shots at one another online:

So how did this Hazel and Joseline vs. the City Girls saga all start? Well, it was about a month ago when Hazel criticized the duo's 2018 track "Act Up," suggesting it was a rip-off her her 2017 record "Actin' Up." Hazel pointed out the similarities in an Instagram Live broadcast that eventually made its way to Yung Miami.

Yung Miami was quick to clap back: "We never heard a song by the ugly ass bitch!" she wrote online. "That surgery going to that hoe head!"

It's also worth noting that Lil Yachty has taken credit for writing most of City Girls' "Act Up." In an interview with Kerwin Frost last month, Yachty claimed he wrote the entire song, with exception to the last verse.

"I just thought like them [...]" he said. "I know them personally and I know what women like to hear."

Let's see how the drama unfolds ...