Southside Claims He's Financed 10 BBLs: 'I Call Myself Bob the Builder'

The 808 Mafia producer shared the information during a recent appearance on 'The Cruz Show,' revealing he's also paid for women's breast augmentations.

Southside has no issues with booty augmentations. In fact, he claims he’s financed nearly a dozen of them.

The 808 Mafia shared the information during a recent appearance on REAL 92.3 LA’s The Cruz Show. Halfway through the interview, Southside was asked if he was an expert in the Brazilian butt lift—a common plastic surgery procedure that alters the shape of the buttocks.

“Expert? No. Funder? Yes,” he replied, before being asked if he “donated” a few. “A few? I got a list. That shit is crazy.”

Cruz then pressed Southside about the number of BBLs he’s purchased for women over the years. 

“Ten for sure,” he said. “I done got some girl’s titties did twice. I done got a girl’s titties did, got them big. They was too big for her. Redid them again, got them smaller.”

“You ever build-a-bear and she disappears on you?” DJ Lechero asked.

“I call myself Bob the Builder,” Southside replied.

You can hear the BBL conversation up top and check out the full interview below. The producer also discusses his family life, his creative process, and 808 Mafia’s collective success.

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The interview comes more than two months after Southside unleashed “Hold That Heat” featuring Travis Scott and Future. It’s unclear if the song will appear on a full-length project, but it’s worth noting that Southside has been teasing FA4 in recent weeks.

Southside’s last project was 2020’s Demons R Us with Doe Boy.

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