Insiders Reportedly Think Drake and JLo Romance Is a Front to Sell Music

A music insider says Drake and Jennifer Lopez's rumored relationship "is just a publicity stunt."

Drake and Jennifer Lopez pose for an Instagram photo.
Drake and Jennifer Lopez pose for an Instagram photo.

This can’t be life.

A music insider claims Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s rumored relationship is just a cold-hearted ruse to sell their upcoming record. We’ll give you a moment to let the shock wear off: 4, 3, 2, 1.

Ok, so according to Page Six, an anonymous source has come forth insisting DraLo is nothing more than a marketing ploy for their yet-to-be-released duet.

“This relationship is fake, it is just a publicity stunt to publicize their record together,” the source told Page Six. “If Jennifer and Drake were really dating, they’d be way more private about it.”

Though it’s a bold claim, it isn’t necessarily surprising. Many people questioned the legitimacy of the romance because of a series of seemingly calculated incidents. The two have never confirmed the status of their relationship, but have continued to fuel dating rumors by attending each other’s concerts as well as going to multiple parties and dinners together. Oh yeah, and they’ve gone to social media with pictures of them cuddling.

Things really became suspicious when a clip surfaced of Drake, 30, and Lopez, 47, grinding on each other and kissing at a “winter wonderland prom.” Some insisted it was just a themed party, while others were convinced it was a set for a new music video. An unfamiliar track, which featured vocals very similar to Drake’s and Lopez’s, could be heard in the footage.

The industry insider also points out how fishy it is that Drake moved on from Rihanna so quickly.

“Doesn’t Drake realize that it looks weird to declare his love for RiRi at the MTV awards, then start flaunting his chemistry with J.Lo a few months later?,” the source asked.

If this truly was a publicity stunt, you have to give it up to the artists. Their rumored romance has been nabbing headlines for weeks, so you know people are going to eat up any kind of joint project they release. But maybe, just maybe, they really are in some kind of relationship, and the timing of their supposed collaboration was nothing more than a coincidence.  

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