RiFF RAFF's Review of the iPhone 7 Is Everything

RiFF RAFF gives a hilarious review of the iPhone 7.

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Among other things, RiFF RAFF is a recording artist, a poet, as well as an aspiring WWE wrestler. But did you know the 34-year-old rapper is also a terrific tech reviewer? Well, he is.

Like many of us, RiFF RAFF endured months of waiting and speculation leading up to the iPhone 7 release. After its official launch Friday, he shared his rose gold device on social media, along with a hilarious review. His followers witnessed the product’s entire unboxing, as RiFF RAFF commented on everything from the packaging (which describes as “shanty”) to the new features.

“Today, we’ll be breaking down the iPhone 7,” he says in a voice that sounds a lot like Mr. Mackey’s. “[…] Two cameras, mmkay. No aux cord, mmkay. We got these little earpieces, mmkay. Make sure you lose them […]”

RiFF will probably need to buy Spigen’s AirPods strap as a preventive measure. But who are we kidding? These wireless headphones are the easiest thing to lose.

RiFF’s hot take is definitely not a serious review, but it’s entertaining as hell. Check it out below. 


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