Apple seemed pretty pleased with itself when it revealed the features for the forthcoming iPhone 7, which, to the dismay of many, will not include a headphone jack. In order to listen to audio on the iPhone 7 cord-free, customers will have to cough up $159 for the newly revealed AirPods, AKA the easiest possible items to lose. Consumers are skeptical that AirPods will stay in their head longer than a couple hours, opening up the market for accessories that promise to keep AirPods from rolling out of our ears and all over the street. 

And by accessory, of course, we mean a cord. The cordless headphones need a cord.

California-based tech accessory company Spigen is currently selling an AirPod Safety Strap (again: a cord), that will connect to the bottom of the Pods and wrap around the back of the person's head. So basically it's the amazing trendiness of two bluetooth earpieces, combined with the straps that hold your dad's sunglasses in place. 

Spigen is selling them for $9.99 on Amazon—supposedly marked down from $19.99, according to its website, though how an accessory for a product that isn't on the market yet can already be discounted remains a mystery.