Remy Ma Just Dropped Another Nicki Minaj Diss

Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex premieres Remy Ma's new Nicki Minaj diss track, "Another One."

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We knew this was coming.

Just a week after Remy Ma dropped her ruthless “shETHER” track, the Bronx rapper returns with more heat…and more shots fired at Nicki Minaj.

Remy goes in on the new track, aptly titled "Another One," calling out Nicki for failing to release a response. 

“I guess now you know who the head bitch is/I’m a savage, I be killing dead bitches/I bet you wish that you ain’t never said shit,” Remy raps. “Now they so busy shooting videos, I’m like nah/Where the fuck is your song?/I mean come on.”

Later in the tune, Remy claims to have incriminating footage of Nicki. “Bet you wondering how I know your problems,” she rhymes. “There’s a lot of people that you really bothered/They were selling footage and you know I bought it.”

Remy also uses Nicki's loss in the battle to pun on the name of deceased rap legend Lamont “Big L” Coleman and his Diggin' In The Crates crew. “This ain’t a little L, wait, wait/You took a big L, you digging in the crates.”


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You'll also notice Remy used Drake’s recognizable flow on “Back to Back," a Meek Mill diss track that Lil Kim compared to ​“shETHER.” The song was premiered Wednesday by Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex, who claims Mariah Carey (another Nicki foe) is featured at the top. You can listen to “Another One” below. 


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