People Still Love Benihana Despite What Drake Says

Drake blasted the restaurant chain for serving "pigeon food." And people weren't having it.


Image via Getty/Cole Burston


Some people will not tolerate any Benihana disrespect—even if it's coming from Drake.

The OVO boss celebrated the Raptor's NBA Championship title with the release of The Best in the World, a two-track offering that included "Omertà." Though there was a lot to unpack in the song, there was one diss line that generated a lot of controversy. And, no, we're not talking about the suspected Kanye West and Pusha-T subs. We're talking about Drake's disrespect of Benihana, the Japanese cuisine restaurant chain that has been a favorite among hip-hop artists.

Drake raps:

Vivid memory, can someone send me a real n***a interlude?
To me, Benihana is pigeon food
This not a forgivin' mood

That's right. Drake—a frequent patron of the Cheesecake Factory—claims Benihana isn't up to his standards.

Clearly, a lot of people aren't siding with Drake on this one. Maybe another experience will change his mind?

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