Ryan Lochte’s Jewelers Offer Free Gold Grills To Any Team USA Member Who Wins Gold

Made by none other than grill experts Paul Wall and TV Johnny.

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Ryan Lochte’s mouthpiece might be the grill seen around the world. The Olympic games were just the perfect place to show off his bling, and he did so on the podium after he won against the favorite (and fellow American teammate) Michael Phelps, flashing a smile revealing a diamond-encrusted mouthpiece made by jewelers Paul Wall and Johnny Dang.

Every man, woman, and child probably wants a grill now, but in a recent interview with Miss Info, Paul Wall ups the ante by offering free gold grills to any Team USA member who wins gold. Let’s hope the athletes take advantage of this sweet offer by racking up some gold medals. You’re getting a grill that usually sells for $15,000-$25,000 at no cost. What other motivation do you need? Come on Team USA, go out there and stunt. [missinfo]

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