Maluma Drops New "HP" Video, Talks Forthcoming Album and Working With Madonna

The Colombian artist says his next project, '11:11,' is expected to drop early summer.

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It was less than a year ago when Maluma released his third studio album, F.A.M.E., an internationally multi-platinum project that earned the singer a Latin Grammy award as well as his first Top 40 hit. Those were huge accolades, no doubt, but the Colombian artist has even bigger plans for 2019.

Weeks after announcing his 11:11 album would arrive “soon,” Maluma blessed fans with the project's second single, “HP.” The upbeat track, which marks Maluma's first record of the year, was accompanied by an official music video that was intended to reflect a new phases of the singer's life and career. 

"I wanted to change my vibe, because my last album was a kind of dark," Maluma told Complex. "When I started doing my music again, experiencing my evolution and all these things, I was thinking about how I was living a beautiful life. My personal life, my career is wonderful. I was trying to find a lot of colors. So when I called the director of the video, I was telling him that I wanted to show how I happy I am in my life. I wanted it to look like a new Maluma—a rebirth."

Watch the video for “HP” above and stream the single now on Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify.

Complex spoke to Maluma about his latest single, the 11:11 album, as well as his recent collaboration with Madonna. Check out the Q&A below.

Tell me, what was the inspiration behind the new song, and what does “HP” stand for?
[Laughs.] "HP" stands for "hijo de puta," which literally translates to "son of a bitch." The right meaning of "HP" is douchebag, a guy who doesn’t take care of his girlfriend. The song is about a girl who's kind of suffering—she’s not having fun with her guy because he’s not loyal. I’m singing to all these guys who don’t take care of their girls: If they don’t take care of your girls, they’re gonna leave them.

What can you tell me about 11:11? In what ways is it different than F.A.M.E.?
The lyrics of every song [in F.A.M.E.] were talking about heartbreaking, sad moments, a lot of infidelity. Now that chapter is closed. I left all that shit in the past. That’s why I decided to change the whole concept of my career and the concept of my new album—show everyone how happy I am in life right now.

What is the significance of the title 11:11?
I was feeling like that number was following me everywhere I went. Every time I saw that number, I would make a wish, and every one of those wishes came true... I felt like it was God, or the universe was showing me that the number was important. It was a spiritual number for me, and then I decided to show the world what was happening with this crazy number and show my energy and the vibe I’m feeling right now.

You recently posted some photos of you and Madonna in the studio. How did that collaboration come about?
It all started when I performed at the [2018] VMAs. She was there in the crowd, and my manager told me Madonna wanted to meet me.

We then met again in Los Angeles last week. She was in the studio working with different composers, producers. Everything was organic and we started making music. We were cooking some ideas, that’s all I can say. We were cooking some beautiful songs.

Will any of those songs appear on your upcoming album?
I can't say. Madonna has everything in her control right now. [Laughs.]

Can we expect any big-name collaborators on 11:11?
I have big collaborators on the album. I wanted to go back to my roots by doing real reggaeton and urban and hip-hop music. Because, like I said before, with F.A.M.E., I was doing more pop music. I decided to go back to my roots because I felt it was best for where I'm at right now in my career. This is an album for the club.

When can we expect the album to drop?
The idea is doing early summer. We’re working on it; all the songs are almost done.

What are you goals with this album?
I feel like this is finally going to be the crossover of my career, and I have that beautiful feeling that this album will take my career to another level.

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