Lil Yachty Tells Fans to 'Relax' After Being Criticized for Wearing a Dress in "Oprah's Bank Account" Video

Yachty reminds his fans that it's simply for entertainment value.

Lil Yachty

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Lil Yachty

Some people are too easily triggered. Case in point? The slew of Twitter users who are slamming Lil Yachty for wearing a women's dress.

The unwarranted controversy stemmed from Yachty's newly released video for "Oprah's Bank Account," featuring Drake and DaBaby. Helmed by Director X, the visual is a parody of Oprah Winfrey's eponymous talk show and finds Yachty portraying a female TV host named "Boprah." The character is seen conducting interviews with Drake and DaBaby as well as rocking several Oprah-inspired looks. It's, of course, a lighthearted video that was intended to get some laughs; however, some fans weren't too happy seeing Yachty dressed as a woman.

"In my opinion you don’t need to wear no dresses or wings to sell," one person wrote in response to the video. "... you created a lane ... how I’m suppose to take this."

Some Twitter users claimed Yachty was simply rocking a dress in an attempt to sell records and gain relevancy, while others responded with much more homophobic and sexist takes.

Lil Yachty fell of so bad that he had to dress up like a woman to get recognition smh

— Lil Uzi Vert’s Large Lo Mein🍜🥢 (@uzislomein) March 10, 2020


— C.V Thomas (@lilyachty) March 11, 2020

Bitch it’s just supposed to be entertaining... it ain’t even that deep, y’all Nigga’s so in denial with y’all masculinity shit like this bother y’all.. relax

— C.V Thomas (@lilyachty) March 11, 2020

One user even went so far as to accuse Yachty of letting "the black community down" by dressing as a woman. Yachty responded with a series of photos that highlighted the absurdity of the comment.

After the hate continued to come in, Yachty issued a quick message to anyone who had a problem with his Boprah costume:

"Bitch it's just supposed to be entertaining... it ain't even that deep," he tweeted. "All n***as so in denial with y'all masculinity shit like this bother y'all ... Relax."

Well said. 

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