Lauryn Hill Addresses Six-Figure Tax Issues: "It Has Been an Uphill Battle"

Lauryn Hill opened up about her six-figure tax issues, which have pushed her away from the spotlight.

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Over the weekend, several media outlets reported that Lauryn Hill was caught up in tax troubles once again; however, the 41-year-old took to social media Monday evening to assure everyone this wasn’t the case.

Hill tweeted a screenshot of a message in which she explains the reported issues were not new; she claims they are a part of her previous tax issues, which she is still trying to resolve. According to The New York Daily News, a tax judgment filed on June 30 states the former Fugees artist still owes $438,211. The state of New Jersey documents also show there is an open tax lien from 2012 for $446,386.60 under her name; however, it’s unclear if those debts are related.

In 2013, the IRS accused Hill of failing to pay $1 million in back taxes; she was eventually charged for tax evasion and sentenced to three months in federal prison. The heavy legal and financial issues, understandably, took a toll on Hill.

Though she’s remained fairly reclusive for the last decade, Hill said in her message that her money problems played a big role in the decision to stay under the radar. “It has been an uphill battle, but we’re getting over the hump. I left the game, I wanted out, the way it was organized needed adjustment,” she wrote. “When you eat a lot of other people’s debts, and become financially responsible for as many people as I did, a break like the one I took was necessary.”

Earlier this year, Hill was surrounded by controversy after she didn't perform at the Grammy Awards as expected. Prior to the ceremony, it was announced that Hill would take the stage with The Weeknd; however, she failed to show up on the night of the event. Her camp later said they were unhappy that her performance was advertised on TV, as it was meant to be a surprise. They also explained Hill attempted to rush to L.A. for the show, but the timing wouldn’t allow it. Hill was quick to make it up to her fans, as she joined The Weeknd for a performance on The Tonight Show a few days later.

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