It Looks Like Jeremih Won't Be Performing in San Antonio Tonight

Shortly after he blasted PARTYNEXTDOOR, Jeremih was reportedly taken off the Summer's Over Tour stop in San Antonio.

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This Jeremih vs. PARTYNEXTDOOR beef is getting savage.

Earlier this week, Jeremih blasted PND during the Dallas stop of their Summer’s Over Tour: “I wouldn’t be here without y’all […] All my fans, I love y’all,” the singer announced during his set Friday. “PARTYNEXTDOOR and his crew are some bitch ass ni**as. Now tell me that. Tell me what I said now?”

It seems those words didn’t go over too well with PND. On Saturday, right before the artists’ San Antonio show, fans informed Jeremih there were signs posted at the venue indicating a major change to the concert: “JEREMIH WILL NOT BE PERFORMING.”

“?? This Is New To Me,” he wrote in some now-deleted tweets.

Jeremih was apparently blindsided. "Hey Fans , SAN Antonio I'm here and was ready for y'all! .. Unfortunately they will not allow me to perform ...," he wrote. "They maced me through the fog machine last night on stage in Dallas while performing, to mess up mi vocals. (He tweeted about this, too.) "When the hate don't work, they start telling lies," he added.

If these signs are true, Jeremih has essentially been prohibited from performing on his our tour. Now, we’re not sure what led to this decision, but it’s safe to assume it had something to do with his PND disses.

This is just the latest wrinkle in the Jeremih-PND feud. During the Summer’s Over Tour stop in Chicago, the singer stormed off stage after his sound continued to be cut off. There were several reports that PND’s crew caused the technical problems, which is why many people believe Jeremih hired a look-alike to perform at the following Houston show. 

It's unclear of Jeremih will be absent for the remaining tour dates; however, he's asking his fans to demand their money back if this is in fact the case. "Ask for a refund before u walk in ,or half off."

As of Dec. 4, Jeremih has officially been removed from the Summer's Over tour. Per Pitchfork, a Live Nation representative confirmed the news via a written statement.

“We’ve decided it’s best for the Summer’s Over Tour to continue without Jeremih, effective immediately,” the statement read. “After multiple incidents we are left with no other choice. We do not support these actions or take these actions lightly.” 

You can read the full statement at

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