Watch Jack Harlow's Entertaining 'Bucket List' Interview With Nardwuar: 'I Manifested This'

The Grammy-nominated rapper met up with Nardwuar in Malibu, where they discussed everything from soccer and food to Nappy Roots and Bunz Burgerz.

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Jack Harlow just reached another career milestone.

During a recent stop in Malibu, the Grammy-nominated rapper got the chance to chop it with the legendary Nardwuar.

“I manifested this,” said Harlow, who gave a shout-out to Nardwuar during his Hot Ones appearance last year, which Nardwuar thanked him for at the 20:36 mark. “I used to be in my bedroom, watching Nardwuar interviewing the artists I looked up to. I get chills thinking about. Nardwuar is someone I grew up on, and I always said, ‘One day, I’m gonna do a Nardwuar interview.’ I said it, and it happened because I wanted it to happen. It’s amazing. Thank you.”

The episode, which began with J. Cole singing the show’s theme song, touched on a wide range of topics; however, it was heavily focused on Harlow’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Just seconds into the conversation, Nardwuar presented Harlow with a vinyl copy of “1nce Again,” the 1996 single from A Tribe Called Quest. Harlow credited his mother for putting him on to ATCQ, and said “1nce Again” was one of his favorite songs.

Nardwuar also gifted Harlow with records from Kentucky greats, including the late Static Major, rock band Slint, jazz musician Lionel Hampton, as well as Nappy Roots, which was the first act Harlow ever saw in concert.

“I went to Ear X-Tacy, and I saw Nappy Roots and they all signed The Pursuit of Nappyness (2010)—their new record, they all signed it,” he recalled. “And it was my first concert ever. Years later we all met, and I told them the story I just told y’all. Nappy Roots mean a lot to me. Kentucky, up until now, hadn’t had a lot of moments where we added something to hip-hop, and that was one of the early moments that we can stand on.”

The two also discussed Harlow’s long-standing passion for soccer, his favorite menu items at Bunz Burgerz, his friendship with Pro Ace, and why he thinks people should care about Jack Harlow. 

“You need authenticity in this world. I’m just a truth-teller,” he said. “Come and get the truth.”

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