DMX and His Crew Reportedly Took Another Man's Corvette After Valet Mixup

The vehicle was later reported stolen.


Image via Getty/Raymond Hall/GC Images


It was an eventful—and apparently lit—Friday night for DMX and Co.

TMZ reports the 48-year-old rapper kicked off the weekend with a night on the town with members of his entourage. After dining at STK in West Hollywood, the group decided to hit up a nightclub on the Sunset Strip; however, their mission was briefly stalled when they attempted to leave the restaurant.

According to TMZ, when DMX and his friends went to the valet, the designated driver couldn't find the ticket for his Corvette. The attendant reportedly recognized the rapper and other members of the group, so he decided to let it slide and fetched their sports car—or, what he believed was their sports car.

Shortly after the party hopped in the Vette and sped away, another man went to the valet to retrieve his car, which was also a Corvette. Once the man handed over his ticket, it became clear DMX and his friends were mistakenly given the wrong vehicle. TMZ reports the actual owner called the police to report the car stolen.

Thankfully, authorities were able to locate the Corvette quickly, as DMX and his friends had informed the valet attendant about their plans for the night. It's unclear if there will be any repercussions for the rapper, his crew, or the valet.

The Ruff Ryders MC will resume the Anniversary Tour for It's Dark and Hell Is Hot in early April.


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