Bow Wow Says Jermaine Dupri Did Not 'Make' Him: 'He Ain't Teach Me Nothing Bout This Business'

The 35-year-old entertainer shaded the So So Def boss in a recent Q&A session on Twitter, claiming Dupri was the "king" of breaking his promises.

Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri attend Black Tie Affair

Image via Getty/Prince Williams

Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri attend Black Tie Affair

Bow Wow’s recent Twitter activity has raised many eyebrows. And, no, we’re not talking about his response to the Jayda Cheaves texting rumors.

On Wednesday, the 35-year-old artist returned to the platform to conduct a lengthy Q&A session with fans. During that time, Bow Wow responded to comments regarding Jermaine Dupri and made several others about his time working with the So So Def Recordings founder.

“You wouldn’t be where you are if it wasn’t for those [fire] JD beats, snoop might have discovered you...but JD made you!!!” a person wrote, to which Bow Wow responded, “made who? Hahahaha he made kriss kross. He aint make me. I aint go thru artist development i aint have to be taught how to rap. This aint the tv show the rap game. I came ready. No disrespect but he aint teach me nothing bout this business bro. And thats real. He dont give advice.”

And when he was asked which of his songs he was most proud of, Bow Wow named 2006’s “I’m a Flirt.” Why? Because it didn’t involve his former label boss, Jermaine Dupri.

“[...] It went number one w out JD. And I wrote it w out JD,” he said. “My whole career I had to over prove to folks I’m not to be played w. It was like Kobe winning w out Shaq. Even JD told me, ‘If u think u can do it w out me, THEN DO IT.’ Welp I did.”

Bow Wow also told fans that he and Dupri have “no work chemistry,” and he hasn’t collaborated with the music executive in years. He went on to say that his biggest peeve was when people don’t follow through with their commitments, and pointed to Dupri as an example.

“Jermaine Dupri is the king of doing that,” he claimed. “Y’all know me and JD be bad terms and good terms. It is what it is.”

Bow Wow was discovered by Snoop Dogg in 1993, and later signed to Dupri’s So So Def Recordings—a decision that he seemingly regrets. He implied this when a fan asked: “[...] if you could go back and change anything from the past what would it be?”

“Stayed w Snoop,” he responded. “And never signed w nobody else.”

Bow Wow also claimed he wasn’t a fan of his albums and believed the majority of his records were “mid.”

“Y’all think I’m playing, but I’m dead forreal,” he tweeted. “[...] This is my opinion tho. All my albums mid. Just saying. Just because I did them don’t mean I like em.”

After throwing what many believed to be shade, Bow Wow insisted that he had no issues with Dupri; it’s just that they haven’t worked together in about a decade and a reunion seems unlikely.

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