Desiigner Shares "Bakin" Music Video Starring the Late Bob Saget

The star-studded video was released Friday, more than a month after the 'Full House' actor died at age 65. You can check out the visual here.

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Bob Saget’s final on-screen role was both random and very on brand.

The veteran actor—best known for his mix of wholesome and raunchy comedy—was among the stars to appear in Desiigner’s “Bakin” video, directed by Red Fox Productions. Saget took on the role of a money-catching chef who cooks up some bacon alongside porn star Kendra Sunderland. 

Whoo Kid, who appeared on the track with Slushii, spoke about Saget’s cameo in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

“We needed a chef for the video and I remember thinking, ‘Who the fuck is gonna be the chef who can make it weird?’” Whoo Kid said. “Then immediately I thought ‘Bob Saget!’ Nobody on set believed me when I said he’d come until he actually drove up and rang the bell, like this was a Full House episode. When you have rappers pull up for videos, they bring a Maybach, or rent a Lambo, they show off. He shows up and parks his Lexus on the grass and comes in looking like a dad.”

The video premiered nearly six weeks after Saget died in a Florida hotel room at age 65. An autopsy determined the actor died of severe head trauma after accidentally hitting his head and fell asleep. His family said no alcohol or drugs were involved in the tragedy.

The “Bakin” video also stars Snoop Dogg and Saturday Night Live alumnus Jay Pharoah. You can check out the visual above and stream the song now on all major platforms

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