Beyoncé's Formation World Tour Was a $250 Million Success

Beyoncé's Formation World Tour reportedly sold over 2 million tickets and earned over $250 million.

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Everything Beyoncé touches turns to gold.

Last week, the 35-year-old singer wrapped up her Formation World Tour with an insane performance that included guests like Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar. It was an incredible conclusion for an event that was both critically praised and commercially successful. And we mean successful.

On Friday, Billboard Boxscore reported the Formation World Tour sold approximately 2.2 million tickets during its run, and took in over $256,084,556. With a total of 49 stops around the world, that averages about $5.2 million in gross and 45,757 paid attendance per show. The two London shows in July were the highest-grossing stops for the tour, selling 142,500 tickets and earning $15.3 million. In North America, the most profitable stop was the two-day event at New York’s City’s Citi Field, which made $11.5 million with 73,486 tickets sold. 

"When you go up [on sale] and sell out stadiums, and in some markets multiple stadiums, it’s big," tour promoter Arthur Fogel told Billboard. "I have to congratulate the great team on our side that does these things, and I congratulate her team, because it was all really well done, well set up, and well-executed all the way around."

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