Chanel West Coast Has Complete Meltdown After Being Denied at Club: 'You Wish You Could Spit Bars Like Me'

Chanel West Coast provides the blueprint for what you shouldn't do if you get turned down by a bouncer at the club.

What is it with Chanel West Coast and security guards at clubs? Back in August 2015, Chanel—whose biggest claim to fame is starring on Rob Dyrdek’s MTV shows Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousnessgot arrested at 1 OAK in Los Angeles after getting into a fight with a girl and then starting another fight with security after bounced out of a club. During the melee, she allegedly kicked and punched one of the guards who was trying to get her to go away. She ended up getting hauled off in an LAPD squad car for her troubles.

A similar situation nearly broke out outside of another LA club on Monday. This time, Chanel didn’t even make it through the front door at Poppy before she and a guard got into it. Hearing she wasn’t going to get into the club with the large group of people she brought along with her, she responded by experiencing an absolutely epic meltdown, standing in the middle of the street and yelling at the poor guy who was just trying to prevent the place from getting too packed.

Fortunately, the incident between Chanel and the bouncer didn’t come anywhere close to getting physical. But Chanel did seem to try to provoke him by yelling just about every insult she could think of in his direction. Stuff like:

  • "You look like the motherfucking actor that died, yo." (We assume she was referencing Michael Clarke Duncan, based on the bouncer’s size?)
  • "You a weak ass bitch! I waited here with seven hot girls for way too long, way too popping to wait to get in. Poppy? It’s more poppin’ at my house, bitch!"
  • "That’s why you’re security. You’ll never be more than security. Weak-ass bitch!"
  • "You wish you could be a little white girl rapping, bitch. You wish you could spit bars like me. You wish you could be on TV like me."
  • "Go let in some irrelevant bitch, some irrelevant escort type bitches that want to suck dick. Go ahead, bitch!"

And on and on…

Someone standing outside also made the mistake of asking Chanel if one of the people with her was Lil Pump, and…yeah, that didn’t go over too well, either! "Lil Pump is not black!" she yelled. "If one more motherfucker asks him if he’s Lil Pump, y’all racist. Lil Pump is not black. He’s black, so don’t fucking ask him if he’s Lil Pump. Y’all racist and stupid. Fucking retards."

Getting turned down at the club is one of the most humiliating things you can ever experience. But did it really warrant a meltdown of this magnitude? See for yourself in the clip above.

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