Producer Vinylz Teases a Final Version of Desiigner's "Outlet" on Instagram

Even though he already released a music video for the song, Desiigner isn't done perfecting the final version of "Outlet."

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Desiigner may have already released a music video for his song "Outlet," but it's apparently still not the final version. On his Instagram page early Wednesday morning, producer Vinylz posted a short video of himself rocking out to "Outlet" in a Stormtrooper mask. "Listening to the final touches," he wrote in the caption. The track is produced by himself and DJ SpinKing.

The song was first teased by Vinylz during an episode of OVO Sound Radio back in October. Much like the release of his track "Timmy Turner," information has been dribbling out about it ever since. Most recently, Desiigner teamed up with Champs Sports for a music video for the track as part of the retailer's "We Know Game: The Moment" marketing campaign. Although the video was solid, the song still mostly consisted of ad-libs, with only a small section of actual rapping by Desiigner. DJ SpinKing retweeted a fan's tweet shortly afterwards that indicated the music video didn't represent the final version of the song:

Now Vinylz' Instagram video seems to confirm that this was, in fact, an unfinished version of the song. Why Desiigner would choose to make an entire music video for an unfinished song isn't exactly clear, but his delayed release strategy worked pretty well for "Timmy Turner," which started off as his XXL Freshman Freestyle before being previewed in bits for months and then finally getting a formal release. Perhaps "Outlet" is in for the same treament. You can check out Vinylz' video above.

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