Tyga on His Status in Rap: "I’m Only Doing This to Sit With the Gods"

"What I do is not comparable. It can't be duplicated."

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Yahoo Music recently sat down with Tyga for what it hoped would be his first post-breakup interview after a short-lived split with Kylie Jenner. While things didn't exactly go that way (their relationship ended up being strictly off-limits during the interview), that didn't stop him from expressing some confident feelings about his music career. “Even though so many people are doing music, I still feel like what I do is not comparable. It can’t be duplicated," he said. He also brushed off criticisms of his lack of a true hit since "Rack City," saying “Everything that I’ve done to this point doesn’t even matter. When I hear ‘Rack City,’ it doesn’t even matter... I’m only doing this to sit with the gods. There’s no other way I see it for myself.”

The Last Kings founder also touched on meeting his mentor Lil Wayne, coming up in Compton, and more on the future of his career. You can read the interview in its entirety here

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