Twitter Users Roast Jazmine Sullivan for Curving Late Gospel Singer in Bizarre Facebook Eulogy (UPDATE)

Twitter users are going in on Jazmine Sullivan for curving a late gospel singer in a bizarre Facebook eulogy.

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UPDATED 10/21/16 12:45 p.m. ET: Jazmine Sullivan took to Instagram to respond to the public's response to her controversial Facebook post. "After reading ur comments I can understand how some of u feel the way u do. For that and to the people who knew and loved Tc whom I offended I humbly apologize,"  she wrote. You can read her full response below.


See original story from 10/19/16 below.

Jazmine Sullivan put up a lengthy Facebook post on Tuesday night in response to the news of the recent death of gospel singer Thomas "TC" Clay. But rather than memorialize him, Sullivan made her post almost entirely about herself and talked at length about how TC apparently used to crush on her. He seemed to have feelings for her that, as she pointed out several times in the post, she didn't reciprocate. She even ended the post with a photo of herself and the cringeworthy line: "I know you still gotta crush on me in heaven and u listening." You can read the entire post here:

A young singer passed away from this area (Delaware) & this what Jazmine Sullivan wrote. . .

— a princess diana stan account (@seabethree) October 18, 2016

Naturally, Twitter users went into savage mode almost immediately and roasted Sullivan for finding a way to essentially curve a man who just died. She has since deleted her post from Facebook, but that hasn't stopped people from going in on her. You can see some of the responses to her post below.

Jazmine Sullivan out here curving dudes from beyond the grave. I can't.

— NUFF (@nuffsaidny) October 19, 2016

Jazmine Sullivan will go to your funeral, take a selfie w/your casket in the background & tell everyone you photobombed her

— Idris Elbruh (@CapitalSS) October 19, 2016

Black Twitter vs Jazmine Sullivan right now

— Shawn A (@ShawnStampede) October 19, 2016

"I just wish u were still alive to text me "GM beautiful" so I could respond, "Who gave u my number?" just one last time." -Jazmine Sullivan

— Idris Elbruh (@CapitalSS) October 19, 2016

For Christmas Jazmine Sullivan sends you a picture of Jazmine Sullivan giving Jazmine Sullivan a Christmas gift

— MonsterKing (@CerromeRussell) October 19, 2016

"We now invite Jazmine Sullivan up to say a few kind words about the dearly departed"

— Majesty (@Stalinonyou) October 19, 2016

Chipotle Employee: What can I get started for you?

Jazmine Sullivan: You can start by not flirting with me & just take my order.


— Ernest T. Minky (@c_drew_) October 19, 2016

When Jazmine Sullivan at your funeral & you overhear, "And he wanted to eat my ass, I took screenshots, look!"

— Idris Elbruh (@CapitalSS) October 19, 2016

I wanna know what prompted Jazmine Sullivan to write that long ass IG post about the deceased tryna holla at her. Like... no sis. ☹️

— Jimmy Zbornak ✨ (@theeJAISTER) October 19, 2016

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