Troy Ave Reportedly Suing Irving Plaza Over Lax Security Surrounding T.I. Concert Shooting

Troy Ave is reportedly taking legal action against Irving Plaza after the fatal shooting during a T.I. concert in May.

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Pix 11 NY reports that Troy Ave will be bringing a lawsuit against Irving Plaza and its parent company Live Nation over the May shooting backstage at a T.I. concert. In the reported lawsuit, Troy alleges that the venue's lax security policies allowed a gun into the building. He believes that the company is at fault for not having stricter measures in place to stop people from bringing weapons inside, and says that these policies directly led to the shooting he was involved in.

Troy and his lawyer appeared in front of the venue Monday morning for a press conference, where they denounced the venue for not properly searching people who came in through the back door. "The security here did not pat down anyone who came in the back door," his lawyer claimed. "That's the problem here. The people who came in through the VIP entrance in the back were not checked by security... That's how the gun got in."

Troy Ave was arrested on May 26, one day after a shooting at Irving Plaza that left his bodyguard dead and three others injured. A widely-circulated video showed him firing several shots backstage at the venue. He was later released on a $500,000 bond after being hit with a second degree attempted murder charge and three charges of second degree criminal possession of a weapon.

He maintains his innocence, claiming on his recently-released mixtape Free Troy Ave that he was attacked first and was only defending himself. He's also claimed that he grabbed the gun from the shooter that killed his bodyguard, although he has reportedly been completely uncooperative with investigators in helping to determine who it was that shot him.

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