Suge Knight Once Sent Goons to Kill Eminem, Former Bodyguard Claims

Eminem's former bodyguard says Suge Knight once sent goons to kill him.

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In a shocking interview on the Murder Master Music Show, Eminem's former bodyguard claims that Suge Knight once tried to have Eminem killed. Byron "Big Naz" Williams said the incident took place at the 2001 Source Awards, which he noted was known to be plagued with violence problems. Eminem was forced to sit away from his bodyguards with other artists and fans.

“That was our first encounter with Suge Knight and his henchman," he said. "Em was going to his seat. The way they had the seating was all messed up and the bodyguards couldn’t sit with the artists. I think that was by design ’cause I think they really wanted the artists to be able to network with each other, but it also gives people who got beef with other artists to get at them," he said. 

Williams noticed that Eminem was “beefing with all these guys in red shirts [indicating that they were Bloods]… I had to bust through the middle man and snatch him up. Like, ‘Hey, man. What the hell’s going on up here?’ This is exactly what they said, ‘Death Row, motherf*cker. Death Row.’” They ended up getting Em out of the bad situation, but said that he was concerned about the entire experience.

Williams is currently making the rounds to promote his book Shady Bizzness: Life as Marshall Mathers’ Bodyguard in an Industry of Paper Gangsters. You can check out his whole interview above to hear his full story and learn more about the book.

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