Skepta Gives the Inside Scoop on 'Konnichiwa' and His Friendship With Drake

Did Drake make it onto the album?

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Skepta stopped by Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio show today, and he had a lot to say about Drake and his upcoming album Konnichiwa. "I'm not gonna ever announce that I'm going to do an album again," he said, referencing the project's long delay after it's original announcement last year. "Waking up with that on your head almost doesn't allow you to make the best album you can. That's why it's taken me so long."

In terms of Konnichiwa​, Skepta went into detail about his work with Pharrell on the album. "In this music industry you'll find the differences with artists. You get some people who really love music... and you get people who do this because they want to have money or want to be famous. Pharrell loves music," he explained. "When I'm with him, it's like I'm working with someone that I've known all my life, and we're both there to make the sickest track we can." He confirmed that the pair's work will be present on the album, and promised it would meet fans' expectations. "I've got every element from London that is needed to make this album what it is."

Unfortunately, it looks like Drake won't be making it onto the album. "We're trying to do something for his record, it makes more sense to be on his record rather than mine," he explained. Nonetheless, he talked up his friendship with the Toronto rapper. "Trying to rush fake music or trying to act like you two are friends... We're just eradicating all that and just doing greatness as friends," he said.

There's way more exciting tidbits to be discovered in the interview, which you can listen to below. Konnichiwa is due out May 6. Skepta released the album's new single "Man (Gang)" last week.

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