Offset of Migos Has Reportedly Been Arrested in Atlanta

Dude can't stay out of the slammer.

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Update 8:30PM: According to a report from The Fader, Offset's lawyer believes the arrest won't pose any long-term problems for the Migos rapper. "I don't see it being an issue at all," he said. "It won't interfere [with his probation], because it's not committing an offense... it's just not realizing you hadn't paid a fine and paying it." He suspects Offset will be out of jail by tomorrow morning.

See below for original story.

After spending a large portion of 2015 behind bars for drug and gun charges, Migos rapper Offset finally seemed to turn things around following his release in December. Unfortunately, it looks like he's run afoul of the law once again. According to a report from TMZ, Offset was arrested today in Atlanta for driving with a suspended license. Per the report, police pulled Offset over outside an Atlanta sushi restaurant, and made the arrest after discovering his license was suspended.

His attorney, Drew Findling, told TMZ that Offset believed the $316 fine for his suspended license had been taken care of when he got out of jail back in December, but evidently it was not. After spending eight months in prison last year, the Atlanta rapper is now on five years of probation. He was originally arrested, along with Migos' other members Quavo and Takeoff, back in April 2015 following a concert at Georgia Southern University. Each of the artists were charged with felony possession of a Schedule 1 narcotic and carrying a loaded gun on campus. Quavo and Takeoff were quickly granted bail, but due to his prior felony convictions, the same option was denied to Offset.

Luckily for him, this sounds like a much less serious situation than that. According to the report, he's likely to get out tomorrow morning.

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