Martin Shkreli Shares Snippets of Unreleased Wu-Tang Clan Album Following Trump Victory

Martin Shkreli kept a promise he made before the election by sharing snippets of the unreleased Wu-Tang Clan album after Donald Trump won.

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Martin Shkreli still owns the only copy of the Wu-Tang Clan's album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, and he promised to release the project to the public if Donald Trump was elected president. So following Trump's victory on Tuesday night, Shkreli appeared to be make good on that promise. He shared several snippets of the album during a live stream and promised to negotiate the terms of a wider release for the album with Wu-Tang.

He started off by playing part of the album's intro track:

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After that, he previewed two more tracks from the album:

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Shkrelli purchased the one-of-a-kind album for $2 million in December 2015. He was previously rumored to be thinking about destroying Once Upon a Time in Shaolin after getting into some drama with RZA and Ghostface Killah over his ownership of the project. At one point, it was also believed that the government could actually seize the album from him after he was charged with securities fraud.

As it turned out, none of that came to fruition, and he's now looking to share the album with the world. It's unclear how members of Wu-Tang will feel about this, as it was originally reported that the buyer of the album was contractually obligated not to share the album for 88 years after purchasing it.

You can listen to all the snippets of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin above, and stay tuned for more information about whether or not we'll end up seeing the entire project released by Shkreli. 

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