Lil Wayne Opens Up on Tweets About Retirement, Says He'll Never Work With Birdman Again

Lil Wayne puts the rumors to rest about his retirement.

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Rumors have been swirling about Lil Wayne's potential retirement from rap after he sent a series of tweets on Sept. 3. Now, he's decided to address the issue head-on. Appearing on Skip Bayless' show Undisputed on FS1, Wayne revealed that he is not retiring from music. The announcement comes after he recently tweeted "I am now defenseless and mentally defeated & I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I'm dun."

According to Wayne, he only said that out of frustration with Birdman. "This was a tweet after an argument," Wayne said. During the interview, he also denounced the Cash Money label head, saying he never wanted to work with Birdman again. He expressed thankfulness for all the rappers that spoke out in support of him, including Young Thug and Drake. Even though he isn't officially planning to hang up the mic, he did express a lot of anger and frustration towards his situation with Birdman, saying that he feels "trapped" and hopeless in his label situation.

Interestingly, Wayne also took some time to discuss his views on racism among hip-hop fans. “I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism," he said when noting the amount of white fans that attend his shows. Wayne went on to say that "it's not cool to them," when discussing young people's views on racism. "When I'm on tour and I'm in my stance and I open my eyes and I see everybody. I don't have this type of crowd or that type of crowd. My crowd has always been everybody, thank God." You can check out his comments below.

Wayne has been involved in a protracted legal battle with Birdman and Cash Money Records since 2014. He brought a $51 million lawsuit against the label, alleging that it improperly withheld royalty payments from the success of Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga. He also claimed that Cash Money was holding his album Tha Carter V hostage after a series of release dates were missed for the project. Although Birdman and Wayne seemed to be actively working towards reconciliation earlier this year, negotiations seemingly fell apart, and Wayne has been yelling "Fuck Cash Money" on stage ever since.

More recently, Wayne dropped the track "Grateful," where he hinted that he might be done with Cash Money for good. "You don't see Stunna right next to me/And I won't se Stunna writing checks to me," he rapped, also adding "No more CMB." Although some fans took that as an indication that he was officially off the label, Wayne did not discuss the matter until today.

You can check out everything he had to say on Undisputed in the video above.

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