Kid Ink and Fetty Wap Banish the Side Chicks in the New Video for "Promise"

They're ready to settle down.

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Rappers often get a rep for sleeping around and not being faithful, but in his latest video, Kid Ink wants to put all that to rest. He links up with Paterson, N.J. rapper Fetty Wap for the "Promise" clip, a cut off his recent album Summer in the Winter. In the video, Ink avoids giving answers about his plans to his girl, causing her to become increasingly suspicious of his activities. After he's seen rendezvousing with several women, word starts to get back to her that he's seeing mistresses or side chicks, with one of the rumors even showing up on a TMZ-like TV show playing at her house.

Right when she's growing fed up with his apparently unfaithful ways, he surprises her with a dress and a note to meet him. We'll leave the surprise for you to see, but let's just say he wasn't meeting up with other women romantically at all, and in fact is ready to show his boo some real commitment. In perhaps the most surprising moment of the video, the wedding singer from the Hangover even shows up. Can't say we were expecting that one.

"Promises" has been making the rounds on radio recently, and the unique video might just be the push it needs to gain some major traction. You can check out Kid Ink and Fetty Wap's video above.

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