Kendrick Lamar and Shaq Bond Over Artisanal Soap in New American Express Commericals

Shaq and Kendrick Lamar go soap shopping in their new commercial.

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Shaquille O'Neal and Kendrick Lamar teamed up for American Express' new commercial series, and it's set in Los Angeles soap shop Soaptopia. The comedic spots feature Lamar and Shaq paling around, joking about the goofy soap names, and generally being their funny selves.

In one scene, Lamar shares his signature "Luscious Lamar Bar" with Shaq, and also reveals he's had a "Shea Butter Shaq" version made as well. Another finds Lamar attempting to shoot a bar of soap into Shaq's basket like a basketball, hitting him in the face instead. All the spots are pretty funny, and show off the two celebs' jokey personalities.

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They commercials are for American Express, and are meant to sell the brand's "Shop Small" campaign that encourages people to patronize small businesses. It's also meant to help promote Small Business Saturday (a yearly event they created), which happens the day after Black Friday and also encourages local small business shopping. 

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The shop sounded pretty excited on its Facebook page, making a post about how honored they were to have the two celebrities stop by. "Yea, this really did happen! Shaquille O' Neal and Kendrick Lamar stopped by the shop to buy some soap (for an American Express Shopsmall spot)," Soaptopia posted on its Facebook page. "These ads were hilarious and these guys were so fun to have here." Apparently, "Luscious Lamar Bar" and "Shea Butter Shaq" are even based on real soaps that you can buy at the store.

You can watch all of the commercials above to see Kendrick Lamar and Shaq bonding over their signature artisanal soaps.

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