Kehlani Thanks Fans For Their Support and Says She's Home and Healthy After Suicide Attempt

Glad she's feeling better.

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After an emotional 24 hours, Kehlani took to Instagram tonight to let everyone know that she is doing better. "Thank you for the love. Everyone's fighting things people know nothing about," she wrote, adding that she was "healthy, home, & with ppl who love me." She went on to thank everyone for their support and say that she would be taking some space to recover.

This comes after she apparently attempted suicide last night following a social media controversy surrounding her relationships with Kyrie Irving and PARTYNEXTDOOR. PARTY, whom Kehlani previously dated, posted a picture of the pair in bed together on Instagram, prompting a social media backlash fueled by people thinking she was cheating on Kyrie Iriving. In another post on her Instagram, however, she claimed they broke up recently, and that she hadn't cheated at all. Unfortunately, this didn't stop a series of nasty posts on social media, which ended in last night's tragic incident. She later posted a picture of PARTY, thanking him for "saving her life." It's good to see she's feeling better and on the road to recovery.

You can see her Instagram post below.

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