Justin Bieber Shades Taylor Swift After Facetime Call With Kanye West

Justin Bieber is on Team Kanye West in his Famousgate drama with Taylor Swift

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It looks like Kanye West can add another person to his team in his Famousgate drama with Taylor Swift: Justin Bieber. Bieber posted an Instagram early Tuesday morning of him Facetiming with Kanye. Below the picture, he added the caption "Taylor Swift what up," leaving no question about whose side he's on. Although it's not too surprising to see him picking Kanye's side in the feud considering they've worked together in the past, it is a little surprising to see Bieber calling out Taylor so publicly.

More and more celebrities have been throwing their opinions into the mix as Kanye and Kim Kardashian have done a bit of a victory lap in the feud. This includes everyone from Swift's ex Calvin Harris to Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario, most of whom have come out against Taylor.

Although Taylor and Kanye's drama has a long and storied history, it became a big issue again after Kim Kardashian posted a series of Snapchats claiming that Taylor had given her approval to Kanye for "Famous." She's since been savaged online, and clearly some big name celebrities are finally getting the courage to speak out against her. Bieber is definitely the highest profile person so far though, so we'll have to see if his pot-stirring ends up causing any real world drama in the feud. Shortly after Kim leaked the audio in question, Taylor took to Instagram with a statement on the situation, which you can revisit below. 

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