JoJo's Long-Awaited Comeback Album 'Mad Love' is Here

JoJo finally returns with her new album 'Mad Love.'

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JoJo has been through the ringer in the years since her tweenage stardom. A years-long fight with her former label Blackground Records—which distributed her early 2000s albums—finally ended in 2014, although it took all her previously recorded music with it. "I cried deep sobs when I won the lawsuit, because I’d been told all those years that I should go do something else," she recently told Refinery29. "People would tell me ‘You’re a smart girl, why don’t you just go to college?’ And I was like, what are you talking about? This is what I’ve been doing since I was a little girl—I can’t just give up because of these jerks. I wouldn’t have fought this hard if I didn’t love this shit.” 

Now, after a number of singles, EPs, and free mixtapes, her new album Mad Love is finally out via Atlantic. The 15-track album serves as JoJo's first commercially released album in over a decade, and caps a long, tumultuous period for the singer. Mad Love boasts appearances from Wiz Khalifa (on the popular single "Fuck Apologies"), Alessia Cara, and Remy Ma. 

"It’s more mature, but not in a like, married-lady type way," she said about the album. "I’m still young and single and stupid. But I’m also smart and savvy and I can be a host of contradictions because, at 25, that’s who I am. So I think it’s sexy and honest and imperfect and that's okay. I’m comfortable with being all of that.”

Whether you've been following JoJo's journey for years or are hearing about her for the first time since "Leave (Get Out)," you can catch up with her new album Mad Love by purchasing it on iTunes here or streaming it below.

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