Jeremih and PARTYNEXTDOOR Linked Up in the Studio Last Night

"Got Some For Ya" -Jeremih.

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It looks like Jeremih and PARTYNEXTDOOR could be cooking up a fire collaboration. Late last night, the "Oui" singer posted an Instagram of himself and PARTYNEXTDOOR linking up in the studio out in Los Angeles. He even added the promising caption "Me & PND Got Some For Ya," hopefully indicating that the pair plan to drop a song—or maybe even a couple of songs—together sometime in the near future.

Obviously, we don't have any specifics yet about when a track might be coming or what it might sound like, but it's easy to imagine the two artists sounds meshing well together. Knowing the work habits of PARTYNEXTDOOR, we probably won't hear much about it until it suddenly drops on the internet. Great example, his recent Drake collaboration "Come and See Me." Maybe their track will even find its way onto his upcoming P3 project.

Until we find out more, you can check out Jeremih's Instagram post below.

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