Gucci Mane Shares His Second Post-Prison Album 'Woptober'

Gucci Mane is back with his new album 'Woptober.'

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Gucci Mane came out of prison with new music ready to go, and he hasn't slowed his output at all since then. Just a few months after the release of his first post-prison album Everybody Looking in July, Gucci is already back with Woptober. The album features two of his already-released singles,  "Icy Lil Bitch," and "Bling Blaww Burr" featuring Young Dolph. It also boasts an appearance from Rick Ross.

Gucci's relentless work ethic has been on full display in the last few months. Since the release of Everybody Looking, Gucci has released a string of collaborations. He linked up with Lil Wayne for the Birth of a Nation song "Oh Lord," helped unite old and new Atlanta on Lil Yachty's "Bentley Coupe," and hopped on Juicy J's #MustBeNice mixtape.

He's also in the midst of penning his own memoir, for which he recently inked a book deal with Simon & Schuster. "Gucci Mane is one of the most influential and revered hip hop artists in the world. His impact on American music is profound. This will be a major memoir revealing the life and times of the artist and man, chronicling his youth, ascent to the top of the Atlanta trap scene, incarceration, struggles with addiction and personal rebirth," said a rep for the publisher.

With all this new Gucci material out there as well as on its way, fans are sure to be excited for what's coming up next. You can start by checking out Gucci Mane's Woptober album on iTunes and Apple Music here or streaming it below via Spotify.

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