Gucci Mane Set to Headline 'All Lives Matter' Concert in Mississippi

Gucci Mane will headline an 'All Lives Matter' concert in Mississippi this September.

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Still fresh out of prison, Gucci Mane is apparently set to headline an 'All Lives Matter' concert in Biloxi, Miss. in September. The Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center posted a flyer for the event Wednesday afternoon. Billed as an 'All Lives Matter/Stop the Violence' concert, the event will feature Gucci Mane and "friends," with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

The timing of Gucci headlining an event billed under the 'All Lives Matter' moniker is interesting given recent events. The phrase has been used repeatedly during the Black Lives Matter movement as a way to distract and discredit the concerns of protesters. A number of celebrities have gotten backlash from their fans after using the phrase. This has included newscasters like Piers Morgan, politicians like Donald Trump, and even rappers like Fetty Wap, Kevin Gates, and RZA.

It's certainly possible that Gucci agreed to the concert without seeing the promotional materials or understanding how it would be advertised. It's also possible that he—like many others—aren't aware of the anti-BLM sentiment that All Lives Matter has taken on. Several of the aforementioned celebrities have ended up making public apologies for using the phrase, citing a lack of understanding or people misconstruing what they meant by it. We'll have to see if Gucci Mane is next up.

Complex has reached out to Gucci Mane's rep for comment and will update when available.

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