Get Motivated With These Hilarious Videos of DJ Khaled Working Out At a Playground

Major key.

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It looks like everyone's favorite SnapChat gawd DJ Khaled is taking his motivational posts to new heights: the height of the swingset. In a series of posts to his Snapstory and Instagram page, Khaled can be seen getting sweaty at his local children's playground. He tosses around the medicine ball, does some v-sit ups, and even takes a ride on the swingvset, which he then jumps off dramatically at the end.

Khaled has engineered a surprisingly effective career renaissance around his Snapchat. He's appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to dole out some snap tricks, and even appeared on Time's list of the most influential people on the internet. Of course, none of this quite compares to him working out with Complex's Emily Oberg, but it's good to see that he's keeping up his fitness. Major key.

You can check out his whole hilarious workout below.

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