Frank Ocean Pens Emotional Tumblr Post About Orlando Shooting

Frank Ocean took to Tumblr to express his thoughts on the tragic shooting in Orlando.

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Frank Ocean published an emotional note on his Tumblr page on Tuesday in response to the tragic shooting at LGBTQ nightclub Pulse in Orlando last week. Although it is short, he filled it with complex ideas about the lack of acceptance that LGBTQ people routinely face in our society. Citing the treatment of gay men by ISIS, the Orlando shooting, and even the transphobic discrimination he witnessed from his own father, Ocean wonders how people can justify discrimination through religion.

We haven't heard too much from Ocean lately. Some pictures of him popped up on Lil B's Instagram in early June, but aside from that, he's mostly been out of the public eye. Fans are understandably impatient for his new album, but according to those around him, he's hard at work and plans to release it when he's ready. His producer Malay recently said fans would be "pleasantly surprised" when it drops, while James Blake said that "he's onto something. He really is."

While you wait for more information about his new music, you can check out his post on Tumblr, or read it below.


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