50 Cent Tells Jimmy Kimmel Why He Was So Upset About His Penis Appearing on 'Power'

Watch 50 Cent tell Jimmy Kimmel why he was so upset about his penis making an unexpected appearance on a recent episode of 'Power.'

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50 Cent was very unhappy when his penis showed up on a recent episode of Power. He was so angry about it that he took to Instagram to curse out the show's executive producer Courtney Kemp. "Kiss my ass," he wrote in a since-deleted IG post. "This shit ain't funny." He also claimed that his penis wasn't in the first few cuts of the episode that he had been shown.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night, 50 addressed the controversy and said that, while he was aware that his penis would be shown on Power, he didn't realize the appearance would be so prominent. "I knew it was there, but in the original clips, it was darker," he said. "It wasn't on, like, a big screen, like a life-sized version. It wasn't like an accident. Courtney was like, 'I didn't want to show it to you in the beginning, because I didn't think you needed to see it at that point...You just gotta take one for the team.'"

50 told Kimmel that, to make matters worse, he got yelled at by one of his aunts who watches the show for not warning her about what she was going to see during that particular episode. "My aunt sees the show, and she's like, 'I'm traumatized,'" he said. "She texted me like, 'What the fuck? Why didn't you tell me?'" As 50 and Kimmel both laughed, Kimmel slyly noted, "Hillary Clinton was in that chair last night."

Elsewhere in the interview, 50 discussed his notoriously bad first pitch, talked about bringing his son to Chuck E. Cheese, and revealed that he's still constantly forced to wish people happy birthday. You can check out the entire interview above. You can also watch a hilarious "50 Cent Store" skit that 50 put together for Kimmel below.

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