For as long as we can remember, 50 Cent's anger has helped him best his competition (save for Rick Ross and the IRS), and even his own cohorts. Now he's directing his anger at one of his greatest allies of the past few years, Power creator and executive producer Courtney Kemp.

The Queens rapper threw multiple shots at Kemp on his Instagram account Saturday after he saw the final cut of a scene for Sunday's episode of the Starz show that exposes his junk. Fif used the social media platform to call her a "bitch" in a since-deleted IG post, and demanded for her to return his phone calls immediately to discuss why she signed off to let his dick hang out in full view for the show's audience to see.  You can check this tweet below that has screenshots of all 50's rants to Kemp on IG.


But according to Kemp, it was actually 50 who signed off on it— not just herself. She replied to 50 on her own IG account that he signed the waiver paperwork for the filming of the episode, and apparently he didn't read the fine print before inscribing his John Hancock (excuse the pun) on the waiver.

So if you want to see what the brouhaha is all about, check Power on the Starz network airing right now. Who knows, it could all be a clever marketing ploy by 50 to get people to tune in.