Watch Jurassic 5's Reunion at Coachella

Six years in the making.

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The world has changed a lot since Jurassic 5 broke up six years ago, but it hasn't change that much to not accept a comeback from the group. Just look at the excited fans in the above video. This is the group's first performance since it reunited. The members were "a bit nervous" according to aBillboardarticle, but it looked like they eventually felt at home on the stage. The comeback performance is a result of years of pleading from fans, with DJ Nu-Mark saying "It's like that fine girl that always gets hit on. After like the eighth guy, you just say yes. So that's all it is. They broke us down. They broke us down."

The group is planning on touring around the world for the rest of 2013. For those looking for new Jurassic 5 music, there may be hope.


It's a tease, but we'll run with it.

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