Travi$ Scott Responds to Deadspin's "Shameless Biter" Accusations

The Texas rapper has words for the author who doubted his originality.

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Travi$ Scott has been on a run recently, with his Rodeo Tour trampling North American cities, leaving venues decimated and concert goers incapacitated in its wake. We caught up with him just moments after he left the stage following his performance at Tumblr's SXSW event, a sort of diet Rodeo Tour before he and Young Thug reunite this evening in Austin, Texas for the real thing.

During our talk Travi$ explained the differences between 2013's Owl Pharoah mixtape and last year's Days Before Rodeo. "I felt like Owl Pharoah, not everyone understood who I was as an artist. But they was like, 'Aw, this nigga's trying to be like somebody and shit.' You know, Days Before Rodeo is just the journey of me finding out who I am."

Travi$ also spoke candidly about a piece published recently on Deadspin in which writer Billy Haisley calls him an artist who offers little-to-no originality and instead steals from the successful artists he's worked alongside. Haisley writes, "Uh, excuse me if this is stating the obvious, but doesn't everyone know that [Travi$ Scott] a shameless biter?" He also attempts to cast doubt on the legitimacy of Travi$'s lightning-in-a-bottle origin story. La Flame detailed a heated conversation he had with the author in the video above.

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